About us

What is Pentatonica? It is a musical term. From the Greek. pente — five and tonos — tone. Sound system, comprising five sounds. OR scale consisting of five notes. It is self-sufficient and complete interval system. Pentatonic scale — a scale that allows you to improvise. If every article of clothing — is a musical note, the buyer, as a musician can put them in their own unique melody. One can write a melody for solo or symphony for the whole orchestra.

Japanese-Belgian constructivism and minimalism connected with femininity. Clothing emphasizes all facets of a complex of human individuality. No age limits… there can be a basic neutral styles to be combined with something sharp… others can be attributed to the classics as black evening dress… there is a space for a complex structure, such as leather accessories and coats with asymmetrical hem…

Pentatonica — Your Own Improvisation.